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Effortless data collection

Nikabot speaks to every member of your team every day so you don't have to. This light-touch approach to workforce management, with a zero learning curve, drastically increases timesheet completion and manager happiness.

Powerful reports and insights

Using the collected data, Nikabot automatically generates reports and insights on what your team is doing. Keeping an up-to-date team and project overview will help you make the best decisions for your business.

Nikabot Reports

Incorporate Nikabot into your team's workflow

Nikabot offers a fully featured API as well as integrations with hundreds of 3rd party applications.
Already have project management software? Get your projects into Nikabot easily whenever you create one.
Have your own billable report templates? Have Nikabot fill in the data automatically.

Highly functional teams love Nikabot

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Smart Reminders

Nikabot asks everyone on your team what they've worked on during the day, everyday by 5pm on Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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Detailed Reports

Nikabot analyses every record and provides clear and meaningful KPIs to help you with your decision-making.

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Missing Hours & Overtime

Check if any of your teammates are missing hours or working overtime and notify them promptly for a more complete report.

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Time Off

Plan in advance by taking your teammates Time Off into account, and customize your own leave types.

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Integrations & Automation

Use the Nikabot API and integration services to connect to hundreds of 3rd party apps, or automate your own workflows.

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Private & Secure

Your data is always private and safe with us, compliant with GDPR and available to export into spreadsheets.

Make your company carbon-neutral with every check-in

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Grow your forest

Nikabot plants a tree for every 70 check-in replies.

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Offset your CO2 emissions

Nikabot partnered with tree-nation to help your team become carbon-neutral.

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